The complete guide to the impressive beard

The complete guide to the impressive beard

Elderly is already really not just for hipsters. They are a fashion statement that will go with a sporty style and also with a custom-made one. How do you make the beard look good? Easily
Today you are about to learn an important lesson in beard care. Let’s start with a few facts (research-based, yes?) — men with beards are perceived as better mates, or better quality candidates for fatherhood. There are studies that even prove that the longer your beard, the more women perceive you as more masculine and smart.

A fancy beard has become a symbol of fine style that belongs not only to hipsters, but to any man who chooses not to shave. If you ask my opinion as a stylist, I can say that the beard can suit anyone who feels he can carry it. The beard will upgrade any style of clothing you choose, from sporty to custom-made.

The types of beard and mustache depend on personal taste, facial structure, character and rate of hair growth. All you need for an impressive and well-designed beard — these are some technical matters. The long beards require perseverance and commitment while the cropped ones do not need it at all. For sure, stop shaving right now.

How to grow a beard and look like you know what you’re doing?

Patience is the name of the game — give your beard enough time to grow.

If you have decided that you want a beard and you start a process, make sure you understand that it is indeed a process. The average rate of facial hair growth is about an inch per month. Depends on genetics, of course. Ask Grandpa.

2. Care must be taken to straighten and arrange the beard even at the beginning of the journey. Make sure to trim and arrange the whole business until you can see uniform growth of all parts of the beard — only then will you allow all this goodness to lengthen.

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3. If you are not sure how long you want your beard to be, start with a comb head with the longest cutting height in the machine, and if necessary switch to heads with smaller numbers.

The length of the heads of the machine varies from machine to machine, check what length is right for you and remember it.

4. Do not let the old man spread everywhere. The goal is not to look like a caveman, but like a man full of style. Shave your neck carefully, knowing clearly the flattering boundaries of your face.

Use a beard brush to train the hair to “sit in place” and prevent a bouncy and wild look (including your mustache — straighten all the hair hanging over the lip).

6. Facial hair scissors are an excellent tool for trimming the beard or for spot repair.

7. Be sure to clean your beard daily. Shampoo for the beard helps maintain the health of the hair and the skin beneath it and prevents the accumulation of bacteria and dirt that can impair the quality of the hair and its ability to grow. When your beard is already the desired length, reduce the frequency of overlaps to twice a week or depending on how often your surroundings look at the beard.

8. Chop your beard when it is dry only. This way you will get real-time results.

9. Nowadays, any man can grow a beard, but what separates ordinary beards from those that have become a legend thanks to their beard — is the oil. Daily use of the oil for the beard will keep your beard soft and abundant and will also give the skin underneath it maximum moisture. Or as our sage says — an old man is raised with love or not raised at all. Invest in it in quality and nourishing oil. You did not come to grow steel wool on the face. Get ahead. Beard care products are a must.

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